Smiths Lawn LLP

Servicing Fairfield County for 30 Years

Smiths Lawn LLP was founded in 1989 by Glen smith to provide individualized lawn care plans for Connecticut homeowners. Glen holds a degree in Agro-Business from Southeastern Louisiana University as well asa  Custom Grounds Licenses for Ornamental and Turf from the state of Connecticut. Following graduation from SLU, he was employed in Connecticut as an agronomist for a national turf company. Today, Glen continues to focus on exploring methods of improving service delivery in the lawn care industry. He takes pride in continuing education for himself and conveying this new information to clients and employees.

Smiths Lawn LLP pioneered methods that drastically reduce herbicide usage while improving control of broadleaf weeds. Another practice Smith uses to reduce use of pesticides is know as Integrated Pest Management or IPM. IPM relies on scouting by highly trained technicians to identify and correct diseases, weeds and insects that threaten the health of lawns and shrubs. 

Lawn service technicians at Smiths Lawn LLP are licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Environment Protection ensuring the proper handling and application of EPA approved products. The average employee brings nine years of plant care experience to the client’s lawn and gardens. Smiths recruits technicians who are both motivated by positive results and the smiles of many happy clients. 

Satisfied clients referring their relatives, friends and neighbors generate 77% of Smiths new business. Customer retention season to season hovers at or above the 95th percentile.