Service Terms

We love what we do. As with any small business we need to also be aware of what we can offer. With that in mind, please read the below terms of service. 

Hidden Structures

Please inform us if the property to be serviced has any buried structures such as an irrigation system, invisible fence wire, in-ground lighting, shallow electrical cables, or shallow drainage pipes that need to be avoided when slice-seeding, soil injecting, or core-aeration is performed.   In most cases we can assist in flagging irrigation heads and invisible fence wires for a small fee.  We are not liable for damage to unmarked hidden structures.

Change of Service Date

Having many clients in proximity and servicing these properties on the same date allows us to keep prices low.  Of course, there are reasons that service may be undesirable on a specific date.  Please do not request more than two service date changes per month.  The fee for three or more service date changes per month is $35 per date change.

Rolls Royce Service Package

Your landscape is a living entity that responds hourly to changing environmental conditions.  Many changes can occur to your plants and turf in the four to five weeks between our regularly scheduled visits.  For our more discriminating clients, we offer a “Rolls Royce Package” of weekly visits by one of our technicians trained to spot potential problems early, such as a malfunctioning irrigation system.  If you are planning an event on your property such as a wedding this season, you may want to consider our “Rolls Royce Package” beginning at $125.00 per week throughout the thirty-week growing season.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control is a long-term commitment.  You will see a dramatic improvement in your lawn’s appearance almost immediately after commencing treatment.  Commercial mowing equipment moving lawn to lawn, hot spots, and drought make true weed eradication all but impossible.  Broadleaf weed seeds already in your soil may be viable for five years or more.  Monocot seeds such as crabgrass are viable for a much longer period.   Generally, with proper watering and mowing your lawn will be nearly weed free within two seasons of treatment.

If you feel additional attention is warranted between regularly scheduled visits, you may request one inspection between regular services as per our guarantee.  Beginning with the second unscheduled inspection of your property there will be a $125.00 Inspection Fee charged. 

Free Evaluations

Smiths Lawn LLP offers one free lawn evaluation to homeowners serious about contracting a Lawn Maintenance company to address their lawn fertilization and weed control needs.  If a second evaluation is desired, we will cheerfully provide that and more for $125 per visit.

Our Programs

As temperature and moisture change, weeds and insects adapted to take advantage of a precise environment will come and go.  These changes occur roughly one month apart during the growing season.   Our Seven Visit Lawn Fertilization and Weed control program is timed specifically to these predictable recurring events.  We will work with you if you want to take responsibility for performing one service such as a lime application yourself.   After more than 30 years in business we know that it takes a minimum of five services, professionally applied, to render a high-quality lawn. Because we do not want our name attached to less than the best, Smiths Lawn LLP does not contract for less than five, the first five, services per season. If you decide to skip a service for any reason the cost of the next service will increase by 50% to cover the cost of the extra work needed. 

Payment Methods

Returning Clients    Smiths Lawn LLP offers prepayment discounts of up to 9% for payment in full prior to a stated date.  This program allows us to pre-buy material for the upcoming season at a discounted price.

Pay by Service

Smiths Lawn LLP will leave a billing notice upon the completion of each service.  Clients may mail payment to our PO Box or pay online via a secure portal on our website  Payment is expected within 30 days of each service.

Auto Pay

You may choose to place a credit card of your choosing on file to be automatically charged upon completion of each service.  Credit card numbers are not stored at our offices but stored remotely with our processor.  Smiths Lawn LLP only has access to the last four digits of a credit card number for identification purposes.


Our credit card processor does not allow refunds on credit card payments after 30 days.   If you have prepaid by cash or check and service is cancelled, Smiths Lawn LLP will retain 25% of the remaining cash on account.  Please allow three to four weeks processing time.

Late Fees

A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed to any account more than 30 days in areas.  Additional late fees will be added every 30 days an account is delinquent.    Service will be suspended when an account reaches 45 days past due.  Repeated late or unsuccessful payments will result in termination of service.