What is Lyme?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is primarily transmitted through deer ticks. It is most commonly seen in children, older adults and those who spend time doing outdoor activities. The symptoms of Lyme disease can be rather serious, ranging from fatigue to debilitating muscle and joint pains. 

What do we use?

To combat ticks in all of their stages we use a non harsh chemical derived from Chrysanthemum flowers. Four treatments yearly, timed to control adult and nymph tick stages is highly suggested. 


The first application focuses on the elimination of Spring Adult Ticks that have overwintered in leaf liter or debris in lawn.


The second application will control the Deer Tick Nymph stage in May and June. This is the MOST IMPORTANT time to spray and reduce the population on your property. 


The third application controls adult ticks in late summer. 


The fourth application controls the overwintering adult ticks. It is effective in reducing the population of ticks for the next season.