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Smith's Lawn Specialist has been making Connecticut lawns healthier, greener and thicker for over 20 years.  As of January 2016, our new name is Smiths Lawn LLP. 
We're family owned and operated lawn specialists who focus on the care of your residential and commercial lawn.  A green lawn is what you expect, and a green lawn is what you will get! 

Our Lawn Services include:

  • Lawn Fertilization Program
    • Spring: Pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, spot seeding (if needed)
    • Late Spring: broadleaf weed control, second round crab-grass control
    • Early Summer: grub prevention, fertilization with iron, crabgrass control as needed
    • Summer: specialized weed control, crabgrass control as needed
    • Pre-Fall: fertilization, broadleaf weed control, spot seeding (if needed) 
    • Fall: lime, broadleaf weed control 
    • Late Fall: fertilization
  • Shrub Care Program                                       
    • Spring: shrub fertilization
    • Early Summer: shrub fertilization, disease and insect control
    • Summer: fertilization, disease and insect control
    • Fall: shrub fertilization
    • As required: deer repellent, Hemlock pest prevention
  • Core- Aeration
    • Increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone
    • Intensifies decomposition of thatch
    • Helps relieve soil compaction
    • Stimulates new growth
    • Improves drainage
    • Provides a better environment for overseeding
    • Increases effectiveness of applied fertilizers and control products
    • Incorporates organic matter into the soil
    • Increases tolerance to heat and cold
    • Cores may be visible on the lawn for up to two weeks
  • Seeding
    • Fall is the optimum time to rejuvenate lawns in our area by the addition of grass seed. 
    • Spring is a distant second option for lawn seeding (spring is less desirable unless you have dense shade).
    • Power seeder injects seed at precise depth for optimum germination
    • Thatch removed during planting process
    • Usually requires at least two distinct types seed mixes to match specific growing conditions (ranging from full sun to dense shade)
    • Begins to germinate in 7 to 10 days (when new plantings kept moist)
    • Blue grass and fine fescue germinate in about 3 weeks
    • Fall seedings achieve coverage by November and are fully mature by second week of following May
  • Tick Control
    • Protect your family and your guests from Lyme Disease with four Tick Control treatments
    • Late March/Early April treatment to Control Spring Adult Deer Ticks
    • Mid-May/June treatment to reduce the population of Deer Tick Nymphs
    • Follow up treatment in August and again in early October for control of Adult Ticks is highly effective in reducing next summer's tick population. 

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